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Our movie:

Asia Forever (2014)  Film / Trailer

This film is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of cave exploration on the mountain range Hodja-Gur-Gur-Ata, Uzbekistan, Central Asia (1984-2014). English subtitles, english titles.



Uzbekistan: The Deepest Cave in Asia

The deepest cave in Asia Boy-Bulok (1415 m) is situated in Surkhandarja region in Uzbekistam, 60 kilometers from Baysun regional center, in Chul-Bair mountain range (part of Surhantau mountain range). Expedition in 2018 and 2019.


Boy Bulok 2018 / Caving Expedition

This movie has been realized in the frame of a franco-russian expedition of Speleology in Uzbekistan.



Spluga della Preta in 2018 with SGS (Ekaterinburg Speleo Club, Russia)


Journey to the Center of the Earth (2003)

English version of the film about exploration The deepest cave of the world Krubera-Voronya by CAVEX team Directors: Aleksandr Slavin, Alexey Romanov