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Our movie:

Asia Forever (2014)  Film / Trailer

This film is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of cave exploration on the mountain range Hodja-Gur-Gur-Ata, Uzbekistan, Central Asia (1984-2014). English subtitles, english titles.



Uzbekistan: The Deepest Cave in Asia

The deepest cave in Asia Boy-Bulok (1415 m) is situated in Surkhandarja region in Uzbekistam, 60 kilometers from Baysun regional center, in Chul-Bair mountain range (part of Surhantau mountain range). Expedition in 2018 and 2019.


Boy Bulok 2018 / Caving Expedition

This movie has been realized in the frame of a franco-russian expedition of Speleology in Uzbekistan.



Spluga della Preta in 2018 with SGS (Ekaterinburg Speleo Club, Russia)